Paul Harris Fellow Award

Paul Harris Fellow Award Recognition’s

A Paul Harris Fellow (PHF) is generally awarded to a Rotarian or can be to a non-Rotarian for outstanding service within the Club and Community.

Clubs earn PHF credits when they donate funds to the Rotary Foundation.

One can also receive a PHF by contributing US $1000 to the Rotary Foundation.

A new Paul Harris Fellow will receive upon request, a personalised certificate with presentation folder a lapel pin and medallion.

Name Year Multiple PHF Current Club Member
GRIGG Betty     Benefactor
HENZELL Gurney January 1982   Deceased
STRINGFELLOW Derek PP May 1983   No
GILLESPIE Thomas June 1984   Deceased
MCCLURE Arthur April 1985   Honorary member
CURNOW Donald May 1987   Deceased
LINDSAY Jack June 1988    
ROOS Brian PP June 1988   No
BISHOP Stanley June 1988 Sapphire x1 2007
Sapphire x2 2009
CAVANAGH  Betty July 1988   No
NEWTON Lester January 1989 Sapphire x1 2004 Deceased
GRIGG John June 1992   Deceased
JONKERS Martin Snr PP July 1994   Yes
BRUTON John PP February 1997   No
WYLIE Rob PDG April 1997 Sapphire x 5 Yes
BROWN Peter April 1998 Sapphire x 1 Yes
BALL Reverend Donald James June 1999   Deceased
NISBET Phil PP June 1999   No
HILLS Robert PP June 2000  Sapphire x 2 Yes
WYLIE Lurline June 2002 Sapphire x 2 Yes
DUTHIE Ian PP July 2002   No
NEWMAN Ron PP August 2002    
LUCAS Terry PP July 2004 Sapphire x1 2007
Sapphire x2 2008
ROGERS Kevin PP July 2004   Yes
WORTHINGTON Rosemary PP May 2006  Sapphire x 2 Yes
HALL John PP July 2006  Sapphire x 1 2014 Rotarian
HALL Maureen PP July 2006  Sapphire x 1 2014 Rotarian
O’HARA Mike PP July 2007   No
JACKSON Amanda PP June 2008   No
DALY Bob PP June 2010   Deceased
MISFIELD Leon July 2010  Sapphire x 1 Yes
JONKERS  Thea August 2002   Rotarian Partner
SAYER Jane July 2004   No
FINTER Kathleen June 2008   Yes
MACK Peter March 2010   Watoto Mission
JONKERS Martin Jnr October 2011  Sapphire x 1 Yes
NICHOL Brian PP October 2011   Rotarian
MOON Shane PP October 2011   Yes
MAJOR Robert October 2011   Rotarian
SHARP Christopher PP October 2011   Deceased
WALLMAN Diana June 2015   Deceased
WALLMAN Ken June 2015 Sapphire x 2 Yes
BUCHAN Jenny June 2016   Yes
GUESDON Charles   Sapphire x 7 Yes
BOTHA Riana     Yes
BAKER Stephen     Yes
COLLISHAW Allen   Sapphire x 1 Yes
WOOD Eric   Sapphire x 7 Yes