Bunnings BBQs

Bunnings BBQs

Due to the restrictions in place to combat the CoVid19 virus, Bunnings had placed a hold on all community fundraising BBQ’s.

As of August 2020 things are fortunately starting to head in the right direction here in Queensland & Bunnings have started to reinstate the BBQ’s. 

We recently held our first one back & it was very successful & we would like to thank Bunnings & the community for their support.

Although BBQs are far from all we do at Rotary, we do have regular days booked with Bunnings every year (and will often throw in a last minute weekend one for good measure!).  Club members and Friends of Rotary are always welcome to come and assist us for a couple of hours.

Our BBQ’s are at the Morayfield store on the corner of Morayfield & Walkers Rd, Morayfield. From 7.30am to 3.30pm

Our 2020 BBQ’s so far are as follows:

Sunday 19th January

Monday 24th February

Monday 30th March

Saturday 1st August

We will keep the community updated as to when our next BBQ is on.