Sleepout Guidelines

2019 Sleepout Guidelines

  1. Tickets can only be purchased through Eventbrite.                                              
  2. After purchasing your Entry Ticket, participants will then be registered by the Secretary and will receive via email, a Sponsorship Form with a Participant Number. 
  3. Participants are to gather sponsors who will either sponsor per hour or as a donation. Please place this information into your form, but don’t fill in PAID column until you have received payment from the sponsor. (Make sure you include all your contact details needed)
  4. Once participant has received payment from sponsors, add up the PAID column on each page and transpose page total to summary page. Add the totals of each page together and this is the amount to be either deposited into the Caboolture Rotary bank account (instructions on summary page) or returned directly to the Secretary of Caboolture Rotary. Please ensure you use your Participant Number as reference for your deposit.
  5. Raised funds (revenue) are to be deposited to the Rotary Caboolture bank account within 1 week of date of sleepout.
  6. The Sponsorship form is to be emailed or handed to the Secretary of Caboolture Rotary regardless of amount raised as it will be checked against the bank account deposits.
  7. Whilst we hope all participants will enjoy this event, it is imperative that children are always supervised, and sensible behaviour is maintained.
  8. A First Aid Officer will be onsite and may be contacted on 0410 699423. For urgent medical attention, please call 000 (or 112 from a mobile phone)
  9. In the interest of safety, the gates will be locked at 8pm and reopen at 6am. If you need to urgently leave the site, please phone 0409 147721.
  10. In the spirit of the event, “Luxury Taxes” may be charged, at the discretion of the organisers, for swags, pillows, tents etc upon entry into the venue. “Fines” may be issued throughout the event at the discretion of the organisers. All proceeds will be directed to the cause.
  11. One meal voucher will be issued with each ticket which may be redeemed at the pub. Additional food and beverages available for purchase at the event.
  12. Alcohol is not to be brought onto the premises. A limited selection of alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase at the pub onsite.
  13. Entertainment will be provided throughout the evening. We encourage you to join in, sing along, dance etc
  14. This is intended to be a FUN COMMUNITY EVENT