RYDA is an excellent road education program for year 11 students. It aims to influence attitudes and behaviours of both drivers and passengers before they get licences. To date over 100,000 students have participated.
A one day program includes six sessions that are designed to be interactive and cover a broad range of topics including hazard perception, stopping distances, safe celebrating and fatigue.

For more information on this brilliant program, head to the RYDA website HERE

WOW, what a year! All RYDA events now completed for 2021.

Check out these stats!

7 event days held, 9 schools, 11 classes, 848 students attended.



We have schools attending on the following days in 2022

6th June

13th June

12th July – 3 schools

23rd August

5th September – 2 schools

11th October

18th October – 2 schools

7th November